CONNECTOR B.V. is the importer and distributor of
ENGEL soldering irons, soldering transformers and
HSGM heat-cutting tools.

NEW HSG-OE heat-cutter
for cutting grooves and slots in polystyrene;
 particularly suitable for the building industry, design studios,
exhibition stands, construction and insulation firms.
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ENGEL and HSGM products are of very high quality and multipurpose;
they are used by both hobbyists and professionals.

Type: HSG-3-VW

Type: HSG-7-VW

Type: HSG-MK-S1-2

Type: HSG-00-VW

Type: HSG-4-VW             Type: HSG-MK-VW

Connector B.V. supplies styropor cutting machines (EPS 60)
for industrial applications in the building industry
(including road-building and house-building).
Many potential applications
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